Soil preparation


Cultiline HRW


Cultiline HR


Cultiline XR


Cultiline VR

Seed Drills

XEOS TF front hopper

XEOS TF Front Hopper

Xeos PRO pneumatic seed drill

Xeos PRO Pneumatic Seed Drill

Xeos MD/HD pneumatic seed drill

Xeos MD/HD Pneumatic Seed Drill

KRONOS pneumatic tine seed drill

KRONOS Pneumatic Tine Seed Drill

Tramline CE/CX Mechanical Seed Drill

Tramline SE/SX mechanical seed drill

Tramline SE/SX Mechanical Seed Drill


DX20 and DX20+ fertiliser spreader

DX20 and DX20+ Fertiliser Spreader

X40+ and X50+ fertiliser spreader

X40+ and X50+ Fertiliser Spreader

XT 100 / 130 / 160 trailed fertiliser spreader

XT 100 / 130 / 160 Trailed Fertiliser Spreader

DPA Epandor S25 Vine fertiliser spreader

DPA Epandor S25 Vine Fertiliser Spreader

Salt/sand spreader RS 350/RS 1000

Salt/Sand Spreader RS 350/RS 1000

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