Magnum Rowtrac

5 MODELS FROM 311 TO 379 
The Magnum Rowtrac now provides even more infield performance with all the benefits of tracks, such as greater ground contact, increased traction and reduced ground pressure whilst keeping the benefits of a conventional tractor with less ground disturbance when turning, power turns and differential lock.

Better flotation, improved manoeuvring and more flexibility – three reasons why the new Magnum Rowtrac is the best solution for the way you farm. If you farm in a region where wet soil conditions can delay drilling and, therefore, crop establishment, Magnum Rowtrac will enable you to get on the land when other tractors cannot. Enjoy longer planting windows, better tractive power, reduced compaction and rutting, and make long days more productive. Magnum Rowtrac – built to fit the way you farm.

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